Our Achievments



Business development & investments           Commercial development           Company management             Restructuring & organization

Business development and investments

2020-24   EuroAgra (Lithuania > Ukraine): introduction and sales development in France and West Africa of natural fertilizers certified 100% organics - circular economy (contact us for products specifications)  


2021-22  Green Circle (Cyprus > China): set-up, import and sales development of Chinese made fertilizers, certified 100% organics (contact us for products specifications) 


2015-17 Groupe CCPA – animal nutrition: take-over and relaunching of Nutristar Asia - Singapore > Turnover from 500k€ (14) to profitable 1600k€ (17)


2006-09  Spin-off from Kynoch ltd into Yara Western Cape - fertilizers: CEO, business model alignment, profile turnaround, bulk blending factory transfer > EBIDTA from 2.4 MUSD (06) to 5.9 MUSD (av. 08 to 10)


2005-06  Yara turnaround in West Africa – designer, negotiator and CEP owner of the acquisition of Wienco fertilizer and merger into Yara Ghana ltd > pay-back <1 year, EBIDTA (08) >30 MUSD


2003-06  M.S.F. ltd (JV Yara/SQM/Locals): steering and commissioning of a liquid fertilizers factory erection project  > 6 MUSD investments, design of the marketing plan for the new company.  


> Between 2000 and 2009 at Yara, the consolidated direct performance calculates at a sustainable increase of the company’s EBIDTA by +50 MUSD/year (in a scope of 400 MUSD turnover/BU)!

Commercial development

2023-24  Deltachem Gmbh : sales development of additives, coatings and stabilizers range supporting producers-distributers of fertilizers (contact us for product specifications). 


 2023-24  Advagreen (B) : sales development of foliar nitrogen fertilizers supporting agro-input distributers (contact us for product specifications). 


2019-22   Agro-Industry (Russia-confidential) : marketing project leadership for sales development of specialty fertilizers across Africa


2018-20   Actura  - 1st network of French agricultural distributors (agrochemicals and seeds) : project management for coordinating the fertilizers distribution across the network


2018  AgChem DMV : subcontractor for a technical and commercial study for the importation of specialty fertilizers adapted to the cocoa crop in West-Africa


2018  Cie des Engrais de Longueil - design, negotiation and import of industrial raw material from China - structuring of the bank financing and logistics


2015-17 Groupe CCPA – animal nutrition: product-mix review and distribution network design of Ibersan do Brasil > Turnover from 50 k€ (14) to profitable 950 k€ (17)


2003-06 Directorship and line management of Yara ATM ltd, a JV company in Egypt: turnaround into Premium Offerings > IBT from -0.4 MUSD(03) to +3.3 MUSD(07)  


2003-04 Re-design and management of the Commodity Trade Unit of Yara BUAfrica: 12 employees, 400 MUSD revenue, development of external business > EBIDTA from +2.3 MUSD (03) to 14.4 MUSD (04)


1996-99 Yara group: domestic marketing and international tender businesses throughout West Africa : fertilizers and agro-chemicals (Dow Agrochemicals - Makteshim-Agan – Rhone-Poulenc) > profitability and revenue increase from 80 to 120 M€.


1990-94 Pomona group: purchase, import and dispatching of fresh fruits and vegetables produced in Sub-Saharan Africa - development and management control of international subsidiaries producing and packaging tropical fruits.


1988-90 AVM-Agri – Flanders-Belgium: development from scratch of production, purchase and export of tropical fruits from Centro-America and Africa.   

Company management - Interim Management

2018  Cie des Engrais de Longueil - interim management - Business Development Manager


2015-17 Groupe CCPA – animal nutrition - MD of Nutristar International (France): overseas export of scientific feed additives and services > Av. net profit 2015-2016 +20%/2014; cash-flow 2017 +30%/2014; specialty development from 4 to 12% of turnover in 2 years.


2010-14 Seco Fertilisants - VP > EBIDTA 2010 & 2011 in excess of budgets by +2.4 M€, KPI’s +15% above benchmarks in average, strategy review and re-alignment, design and implementation of HR alignment programs: turnaround of commercial team, factory worker’s strikes management, upgrading process of analytical bookkeeping, fixed costs monitoring Steering of the Board of Directors on business strategy.  Good appreciation of the French agricultural input market


2006-09 Yara Western Cape ltd - CEO: dry and liquid fertilizers factories (x3), ‘BtoFarm’ retail network covering the Cape provinces, ‘premium offerings’ focus; 35 employees, 102 workforce, 12 sales agents; revenue 90 MUSD (08) > EBIDTA from 2.4 MUSD (06) to 5.9 MUSD (av. 08 to 10); business model alignment, profile turnaround, values enforcement, product portfolio development, 45 to 55% market share in 2 years.  

Restructuring and organization

2023-24 Sector expertise foEkkio Capital, SME investment and management funds


2015-16  Animal nutrition: dismantling of loss-making subsidiary in Tadjikistan and listing of its industrial assets


2001-03 Turnaround of Yara Cameroun > EBIDTA from -0.6 (01) to +3.1 MUSD (03)


2000 Design of a scale down plan for Yara West Africa (Ivory Coast) and business model restructuring.