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Exaico GrowDeep is a consultancy firm developing expertise in export and management.


Exaico GrowDeep helps global corporations and SME to manage projects and bridge leadership gaps.  It also secures, develops and even participates financially into export strategies. 


Grow Deep !

Our know-how was built along more than 25 years of experience, in several fields of the agriculture and agro-industry namely, across several continents. Investments, restructuring, marketing, distribution, trading and general management make all parts of our successful records.


The values enshrined in the company are adaptation, teamwork, accountability and sustainability.  We believe these guiding principles to promote growth and in-depth development.  Together, they will allow your business to ‘grow deep’.



You have a project, a raw idea to design further, a competence gap, a market to develop or an organizational challenge?


Solar Impulse










Bridging vision and action








Transforming strategy into operational development 

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Aligning teams around a shared vision







Restructuring today to aim long term