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At Exaico GrowDeep  we have gained in depth experience of the fertilizer industry worldwide, serving an industry leader at several levels of the value-chain.  Accessorily, this activity also allowed us to experience the agrochemicals distribution and tender management.


We have also had operational access to the toolbox of the most advanced research center in animal nutrition in France, transforming world-class scientific solutions into export of feed additives and services.


Yet closer to agriculture, we enjoyed financing and developing horticultural crop productions, packaging units and maritime exports of fresh products.


Otherwise, Exaico GrowDeep  also enjoys a good commercial network in the agricultural input market in France, both with private distributors and cooperatives.


Exaico GrowDeep can help your company developing into all these fields, globally supported by long term growth fundamentals.  


According to your own agenda, Exaico GrowDeep would be delighted to meet and exchange views on your projects and further discuss how we could support you, either by knowledge development or business venture.