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Export consultancy and agency

Your company manufactures and distributes good products.  Your domestic market is maturing, yet you have spare capacity and could sell additional volumes.  Your company does not gather the internal skills to deal with alien prospects, speaking foreign languages? Your administration doesn't handle export rules and associated financial risks?  Your operators have no experience in international logistics?  You wonder if it is better to appoint agents or distributors?

Exaico GrowDeep  records more than 20 years experience  in international development and export: 

  • Export sales development agencies of fertilizer additives and foliar fertilizers to North-East Europe, Scandinavia and Africa 
                 References : Advagreen (B), Deltachem (NL-D)
  • Import-Export and distribution of fertilizing by-products AB certified (organic agriculture) from China and Ukraine to The Netherlands, Scandinavia and France

References : Benefert (NL), Ductor (Finland), EuroAgra ltd (Lithuania)

  • Identification, negotiation and import of industrial raw material from China to France via Rotterdam

References : Cie des engrais de Longueil (F) - structuring of the bank financing and logistics 

  • Export of scientific products and services for animal nutrition (CCPA Group – world, ex-EU).   

References and achievements: net consolidated profit increase by 20% in one year; credit risk reduction and cash-flow increase by 30% in 2 years

  • Strategic alignment and fertilizer product-mix development (Yara International – Norway/France)

References and achievements: Yara Western Cape - South-Africa: EBIDTA increases by +3.5 MUSD and market-share develops from 45% to 55% in 30 months   /    Yara Trade Misr – Egypt: EBIDTA from 0 MUSD to 2 MUSD in 2 years 

  • Trade & Supply Director of Yara BUAfrica-ME (2002-04 / Rev.: 400 MUSD)
  • Industrial investments in Egypt and acquisition of a distribution company in Ghana
  • Import and export of fresh fruits and vegetables from Centro-America and Subsaharan Africa

References : Pomona Group (France) and AVM Agri (Flanders-Belgium)

Otherwise, Exaico GrowDeep  also enjoys a good commercial network in the agricultural inputs supply throughout France, both with private distributors and large cooperatives.